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Zombie Kush hash seeds through Ripper Seeds is one delectable hedge! putting the top of the line cannabis seeds round for your series might be a simple test simultaneously as you head inside the course of Ice Headshop. Zombie Kush is in excess of a delectable shrub it is additionally an absolutely strong therapeutic hashish.

The weighty Indica attributes of Zombie Kush make it a strong successful prescription it wishes to help numerous people to track down solace. alleviation from circumstances that join contamination, stress, discouragement, tension, loss of inclination for food, sleep deprivation, and then some.

58 Days normal Flowering Time
18-22% THC content overall
500 Grams steady with Plant

This weighty Indica is the suitable strain to loosen up from the day and assist with delivering you into a peaceful evening sleep. The exquisite kinds of Bubba Kush and Amnesia come by and large to entice your taste buds fostering a party in your mouth. Indoor cultivators love the eminent brief blossoming seasons of 58 days from seed to gather. In under a month’s time frame, indoor cultivators are compensated with more noteworthy than 500 grams in accordance with square meters out in their ocean of green.


Zombie Kush Hash For Sale

outside producers can easily procure 500 grams steady with plant or more noteworthy while an amateur cultivator can expect around 250 grams with regards to the plant. this is as yet adequate to make an individual who’s simply dominating develop to feel like an expert. An encounter like an expert while you transfer those top-notch hashish seed hereditary qualities with their 18 to 22% THC recall to your assortment. the absolute best way to get hold of the top-notch hashish seeds in the land is to buy all of your cannabis seeds online at Ice Headshop.

Zombie Kush Online

This blondie dry filter hash was privately made and squeezed in delightful British Columbia.

Dry filter hash is valued for its high-quality cycle and venerated for its terpene profile and power.

Zombie OG, otherwise called “Zombie Kush”, is a vigorously indica prevailing mixture (90% indica/10% sativa) that is a powerful cross of the madly well-known OG Kush X Blackberry strains. Clients portray the Zombie OG high as one that has a practically quick beginning of a euphoric psyche easing weighty head high that leaves you social, cheerful, and very giggly.

This is trailed by a hard-hitting body stone that leaves you absolutely quieted with profound contemplation and lethargic vagueness. Upon the possible defeat, you’ll be slipped into a profound and tranquil rest that is totally torment-free. Because of these powerful impacts, Zombie OG is supposed to be an optimal strain for treating patients experiencing conditions like ongoing agony, stress, gentle to direct instances of discouragement, and sleep deprivation.

Zombie OG has a shockingly fragile natural lavender pine smell and a sample of sweet gritty botanical pine. These buds have little minimal thick spade-molded splendid neon green nugs with dull orange hairs and a fine layer of sweet white trichomes and sweet tacky pitch.


10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1kg


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