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Imagine a smooth, slightly sticky, supple, dark coffee-colored ball with a slight sheen in the palm of your hands. That’s what a Nepalese Hash Temple Ball looks like.

These palm-sized balls of the hash are a visually unique sight to see almost resembling a glossy stone or dark marble with a mirror-like surface at certain angles.

As you cut through the Royal Nepalese Temple Ball, the center reveals a texture that is both smooth and creamy akin to that of a freshly baked red velvet cake.

Aside from its satisfying visual appearance, the Royal Nepalese Temple Ball is also known to perform like a stallion, carrying a THC content of approximately 55-80 percent, able to elevate you to mythological levels of highness.

A great option for those seeking something on the higher end of the spectrum. Coupled with its potency, you have a fragrant aroma with subtle, tropical fruity and earthy undertones that envelopes the olfactory senses with explosive force.

Where to Find Nepalese Hash

Unfortunately, the Royal Nepalese Temple Ball is an endangered species of hash in the North American cannabis market. The best way to enjoy them is to either buy weed online or recreate them yourself.

So, if you’re ever presented with the opportunity to make and enjoy one, make sure to take full advantage of it!

The Best Types of Hash in The World

So how do Nepalese Temple Balls stack up against other forms of hash? In order to fully appreciate the different types of hash from around the world, it’s important to be familiar with the history and traditions behind each method of creation.

While someone may appreciate a more nuanced and partial approach, others may appreciate the cutthroat efficiency of other methods. Ultimately the choice is up you to.

Nepalese Hash and Solvent Extracted Concentrates

When it comes to the potency of different types of hash, Nepalese Temple Balls fall somewhere right in the middle.

They’re not necessarily the most potent cannabis products like honey oil or CO2 extracted concentrates, but they can definitely hold a cadence to them when comes to getting the job done.



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