Buy Gorilla Glue Hash Online


Buy Gorilla Glue Hash Online.

Buy Gorilla Glue Hash. The renowned Gorilla Glue #4 in its legitimate Hashish adaptation is introduced as a totally normal micronized powder, not got from hemp, with the compulsion of 20% detached CBD, and it is portrayed by the all-out shortfall of THC. The outcome is a blast of interesting sensations and a Hashish that will without a doubt be among the most valued by the client of Mega Cannabis shop.

Appearance Of Gorilla Glue

It’s anything but an exceptionally dim tone outside, normal of Moroccan hash, and shades of green inside. Outwardly looks like minimized, while it is delicate and especially pliable to the touch.


Gorilla Glue hashish is a blast of fragrances: it’s anything but an extraordinary base behind the scenes, to new and enthusiastic notes. The mix of harsh citrus organic products with the sweet smell of wild berries and pine gives aggregating and encompassing sensation. A sort of CBD assortment, totally special.

What is CBD hashish?

Mega Cannabis shop’s legitimate hashish seems as though a plant compound, not got from hemp, to which unadulterated CBD gems have been added. The CBD Hash item, sold for specialized or authority use, mimics and reviews the well-known Hashish from which it takes its name, although it is totally sans THC and not got from cannabis plants. This item is certainly not a smoking item; its suggested use is for gatherers, research, or a revitalizer for air and/or clothing.

Buy Gorilla Glue Hash Online.


28g, 50g, 150g, 230g, 500g, 1kg


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