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  • Origin: Amsterdam (Import)
  • Strength: 35% THC

Smell: Floral, Spicy, Earth

Taste: Herbal, Spicy, Smooth

Consistency: Very Soft and Malleable

Effect: Strong body, Strong Cerebral, Deep Relaxation

Buy Bulldog Amsterdam Hash – Bulldog Hash – TNR Netherlands Hash

Like the Abraxas, our Bulldog Amsterdam Hash is named out of appreciation for an extraordinary café in Amsterdam. The Bulldog is created from a cannabis strain from the Netherlands. It is a delicate and fair hash with a sweet and hearty taste. It is somewhat unique and less more grounded than the Lion and the Abraxas however less expensive.

In the Netherland, plants are typically developed inside however there are likewise little outside and nursery development.

The production technique shifts with the maker. The majority of the Hash is delivered through screening like in Morocco, but there is likewise a little amount of hand-scoured Hash created utilizing the Afghani strategy. Anyway, just a tiny amount of the Weed is changed in Hashish.

At that cost, The Bulldog is generally an excellent decision to attempt our extraordinary and bona fide Netherlands hashish.

Shading: Quite fair, but this shifts with the sort of Weed utilized and the maker.

Consistency: Bulldog hash is exceptionally delicate.

Impact: The sort of High from Netherlands Hash depends on the strain of Weed which was utilized, but normally the high is very dynamic and cerebral.

Strength: Potent to extremely strong, this stuff is superior to some other sort of Hash accessible to the normal client.

Accessibility: Very, exceptionally intriguing external the Netherlands and encompassing nations.

Imported Amsterdam Hashish

The ideal expansion to commend our center eastern imports has joined the overlap. Bulldog Hash, sent from Amsterdam and straight into your hands! This blonde variation has got us very energized!

“The bark of Bulldog Hash is similarly on a par with what its nibble… ”
Being both delicate and moldable makes this hash a breeze to oversee into your favored smoking technique. This excellent blonde simply overflows quality!

The smell produced is botanical-like, fiery, and conveys rich notes of earth. Clients of this mean green block will see the smoking experience is perfect and the impacts are extremely adjusted. Were talkin’ about extremely full body impacts which are intently integrated with a smooth cerebral encounter.

These qualities settle on Bulldog Hash an extraordinary decision for clients, everything being equal. So, its bark is similarly on a par with what it’s nibble!


1g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g


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