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About Power Kush

Power Kush is a well-balanced hybrid that capitalizes on some legendary genetics. Developed by Dinafem Seeds, the same breeders who have given us Moby Dick and Blue Widow, Power Kush is a cross between an Afghani landrace indica and pungent staple Skunk.

This strain delivers potent effects that lean toward the sedated, indica end of the spectrum. Its THC content has been measured at between 10% and 19%; Power Kush has also been found to have higher-than-average concentrations of the therapeutic cannabinoid CBD.

Power Kush is marked by small to medium-sized flowers that adhere to a spade-like formation, tapering down from a broad base into a pointed tip. Some phenotypes show more elongated, tubular flowers than others. These buds seem to have a hybridized structure — compact, but with their leaves spiraling loosely outward from their central stems, rather than curled tightly inward.

The leaves themselves are a mossy green and are trailed throughout with orange and brown pistils. Cloudy white trichomes give the flowers a dewy sheen, as well as a very sticky texture, making them hard to break apart without a quality grinder.

Typical Effects

Power Kush hits quickly with both barrels — at the same time as users detect a mounting throb around the temples, they may notice an uptick in their cerebral thinking patterns. In the right set and setting, smokers’ internal monologues tend to kick into high gear, taking on a freely-associative character and often stopping to center on single topics. Indeed, this is a strain tailor-made for stoners who like to kick back and ruminate on life’s big questions.

Despite all this introspection, though, Power Kush offers a formidable body high as well. Beginning in the neck and spreading down through the core and extremities, users may feel freed of any lingering physical tension.


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