Cataract Kush


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About Cataract Kush

With a name that hints at medical relief for sufferers of eye conditions, Cataract Kush is a purely indica strain with a wide range of uses. This bud is a cross between heavy hitters OG Kush and LA Confidential and was created by prolific breeding operation DNA Genetics. With slow-blooming effects and a memorable aroma, Cataract Kush also has knockout levels of THC, measured at between 20% and 25%.

Flowers of Cataract Kush are distinguished by a medium to large size and a tapered, roughly conical shape. These buds maintain a dense, indica-typical structure, with a core composed of tightly-packed leaves. These leaves themselves are a mottled mix of mossy green and yellow with occasional flashes of deep blue and purple; these surprising latter color come about thanks to high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. Finally, Cataract Kush’s flowers are twisted through with curly orange pistils and dotted with glassy white trichomes.

Typical Effects

The high that comes with Cataract Kush is a true creeper that may require up to 15 minutes before it sets in. Smokers (some of whom may even forget that they’ve toked before sensing the strain’s effects) eventually experience some head-focused sensations like a twitching around the temples and forehead; flushing in the cheeks and a stimulation of the salivary glands are also possible.

Within short order, these strange tics die down, leaving the user in an altered headspace. While some smokers may experience some activation of higher-order thinking, users are more likely to be immersed in a kind of sensory distortion, in which slights visual and auditory hallucinations are possible, as is an inexplicable sense of time dilation. While not ideal for productivity, this trippy vibe is tailor-made for spending some giddy, giggly time with like-minded friends.


1 Oz (28g), 1/4Lb (113g), 1/2Lb (226g), 1Lb (456g)


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