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Choices multi-pack carts 85% THC Potency are new at CALI EXOTIC WEED and are some of the best THC carts that we have come across yet. All Choices carts come with two 0.5g carts per pack, with standard 510 thread batteries and in a variety of fresh ‘n’ fruity flavors.

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Choices Carts


Choices Carts, solvent-free concentrates, and vaporizers are revolutionizing how cannabis is consumed—inspired by contemporary, luxury, and simplicity—focused on safety, purity, and potency. Order your choice of cartridges in our online store.



However, everyone’s tastes are different, so that you can try it out first, and if you like it, but more to suit your tastes. If you are a frequent user, there should be many choices on the market this 2022.

THC VAPE cartridges, various flavors–choose two cartridges of 0.5g per pack.

Choose multi-pack cartridges. The THC potency of 85% is new in TOP WEED DELIVERY. And it is the best THC cartridge we have ever encountered.

 All Choices cartridges contain two 0.5g cartridges per pack. In addition, they come in a standard 510 thread stack and various fresh, fruity flavors.

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Fill all vape cartridges with the most refined 97% triple distilled THC from California and natural plant-derived terpenes for a robust and fresh taste. We do not add any MCT oils or pesticides to our THC, except 12% plant-derived organic terpenes (also available locally).

These natural, plant-derived substances give each selected THC its flavor and aroma.


Buy Choices vape cartridges are 100% original and safe. That means they are a blend of 88% triple distilled THC and 12% organic terpenes, that’s it. !!!!


Northern lights/Sour Apple (hybrid), Cherri/Pie (indica), Jolly/Rancher (indica), Alaskan/Thunder (sativa), White Window/Alien OG (indica), Sunset Sherbet/ Window Cake (hybrid), Sky walker/ Mars OG (sativa), Birthday Cake/ Rainbow Sherbe (indica), Watermelon/ purple Punch (indica), Blue Berry/ Sour Diesel (hybrid), Waui Wowie/ Pineapple(sativa), Blue Dream/ Mango (sativa), Strew Barry/ Gelato (indica), Banana OG/Icecream Cake (indica), Garry Payton/Mimosa (hybrid), King Louie OG/Juicy Fruit (indica), Green Apple/White Runtz (hybrid), Gorilla Glue/Blue Cookies (indica), Cherry Bomb/Skittles(sativa)


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